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Industrial gas cylinders refer to containers used to store, transport and use various compressed gases. They are widely used in industrial manufacturing, construction engineering, chemical industry and other fields. These cylinders are usually made of special materials, such as high-strength steel or aluminum alloys, to ensure safe storage and delivery of the gas. In the industrial field, gas cylinders are often used to store and transport various gases, such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, etc. These gases play an important role in industrial manufacturing processes, used in processes such as welding, cutting, gas chromatography, and to power a variety of equipment and systems. Gas cylinders usually have a certain design pressure and undergo strict inspection and testing to ensure that they comply with relevant standards and regulations. When storing and using these gas cylinders, it is necessary to strictly follow safe operating procedures and use appropriate valves and connectors to connect the gas cylinders and using equipment to ensure the safe delivery and use of gas. The safe use of gas cylinders also requires corresponding training for operators to understand the safe use and operation of gas cylinders, as well as measures to respond to emergency situations. In addition, regular inspection, maintenance and safety management of gas cylinders are also crucial to ensure that the cylinders are in good working condition and reduce the possibility of accidents. All in all, industrial gas cylinders play an important role in industrial production, providing convenience for the storage, transportation and use of various gases. However, the safe use and management of gas cylinders requires caution to ensure workplace safety and personnel health.

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Industrial gas cylinders are used in various industries and fields, such as manufacturing, chemical industry, healthcare, laboratory, aerospace, etc. They are widely used in gas supply, welding, cutting, production and R&D processes to provide users with the pure gas they need.


1.Read the instructions before use.
2.High-pressure gas cylinders must be stored in separate locations, away from heat sources, and away from exposure to sunlight and strong vibration.
3.The pressure reducer selected for high-pressure gas cylinders must be classified and dedicated, and the screws must be tightened during installation to prevent leakage.
4.When using high-pressure gas cylinders, the operator should stand at a position perpendicular to the gas cylinder interface. It is strictly forbidden to knock and hit during operation, and check for air leakage frequently, and pay attention to the reading of the pressure gauge.
5.Oxygen cylinders or hydrogen cylinders, etc., should be equipped with special tools, and contact with oil is strictly prohibited. Operators should not wear clothing and gloves that are stained with various oils or prone to static electricity, so as not to cause combustion or explosion.
6.The distance between flammable gas and combustion-supporting gas cylinders and open flames should be greater than ten meters.
7.The used gas cylinder should leave a residual pressure of more than 0.05MPa according to the regulations. The flammable gas should remain 0.2MPa~0.3MPa (approximately 2kg/cm2~3kg/cm2 gauge pressure) and H2 should remain 2MPa.
8.Various gas cylinders must undergo regular technical inspections.

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