The 2023 Comprehensive Integrated Nails Dealer Conference of Guangrong Group and the 2024 Integrated Nails Dealer Signing Ceremony concluded successfully.

From December 27 to 28, 2023, Guangrong Group held a grand integrated nails comprehensive dealer conference in Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province, attracting dealers from all over the country. The meeting summarized the work achievements and lessons learned in 2023, laying a good foundation for the successful completion of the 2024 sales target.

On the morning of the 27th, a group of dealers, led by company leaders, visited the integrated nails production workshop and had an in-depth understanding of the production, assembly, quality inspection, packaging and other processes. Subsequently, in the company’s conference room, leaders of various functional departments of the group had in-depth discussions and exchanges with dealers on market trends, product sales, industry information, product quality & innovation and other aspects.
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On the 28th, the dealer conference was officially held in the conference hall of Guangyuan Tiancheng Hotel. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Deng Kaixiong, the senior leader of the group, and was attended by many leaders of the group. During the meeting, Mr. Zeng Daye, chairman of the group, shared the group’s strategic development plan and market trends in the next few years with dealers from all over the country. He also elaborated on how to achieve the improvement of the industry value chain and sharing mutually in the future, emphasizing the importance of cooperation with dealers. Mr. Zhao Heping, the group’s marketing director, summarized the sales work in 2023 and awarded awards to dealers with outstanding sales performance.
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Finally, in a joyful atmosphere, Mr. Zeng Daye, chairman of Guangrong Group, signed a 2024 product sales cooperation agreement with the participating dealer representatives.
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Through this press conference and signing ceremony, the cooperative relationship between the company and dealers has been further strengthened. Both parties look to the future and are committed to common development. We believe that with the joint efforts of both parties, 2024 will become a new starting point for business growth and win-win cooperation.

Post time: Jan-09-2024