Driving Pin NK Concrete Driving Nails Drive Screw Nails into Concrete Steel


NK drive nails are widely used in industries such as construction, woodworking and home improvement. Their main function is to speed up and accurately set nails to the surface of the material, thereby facilitating construction and fixing tasks. Driving pins are able to quickly complete jobs with large numbers of nails, increasing productivity while reducing physical strain on workers. Best of all, the nail gun’s engineered construction guarantees precise nail placement on the target material, reducing the risk of misalignment, loosening or damage. This not only ensures the durability of the fixing, but also reduces maintenance and renovation costs.

Product Detail

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Nail shooting requires the propulsion of powder gases from firing an empty cartridge to drive the nail strongly into the structure. Typically, NK drive pins consist of a nail and a toothed or plastic retaining ring. These components play a vital role in keeping the nail firmly seated in the barrel of the nail gun, preventing any lateral movement during firing. The main goal of the concrete driving nail itself is to effectively penetrate materials such as concrete or steel plates, ensuring a strong connection. NK drive pins are usually made of 60# steel and undergo a heat treatment process to achieve a core hardness of HRC52-57. This optimal hardness allows them to effectively pierce concrete and steel plates.

Product Parameters

Head diameter 5.7mm
Shank diameter 3.7mm
Accessory with 12mm dia steel washer
Customization Shank can be knurled, length can be customized


Model Shank Length
NK27S12 27mm/ 1’’
NK32S12 32mm/ 1-1/4’’
NK37S12 37mm/ 1-1/2’’
NK42S12 42mm/ 1-5/8’’
NK47S12 47mm/ 1-7/8’’
NK52S12 52mm/ 2’’
NK57S12 57mm/ 2-1/4’’
NK62S12 62mm/2-1/2’’
NK72S12 72mm/ 3’’


NK drive pins have a wide range of applications. They are widely used in a variety of situations, such as fastening wooden frames and beams on construction sites, and placing wooden components such as floors, extensions, etc. during home renovations. In addition, concrete drive pins are widely used in the manufacturing industry, including furniture production, body building, wooden case making, and related industries.


1. It is of utmost importance for operators to hold a strong awareness of safety and possess the requisite professional knowledge to avert any unintended harm to themselves or others while employing a nail shooting apparatus.
2. Frequent examination and cleaning of the nail shooter are vital to ensure its optimal performance and enhance its overall durability.

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