Driving Pin PD Concrete Driving Nails Drive Screw Nails into Concrete Steel


PD drive nails are widely used tools in industries such as construction, woodworking and home improvement. Its main objective is fast and precise fastening of nails to material surfaces for construction and fixing purposes. The driving pin can quickly complete a large number of nails in a short time, which not only improves productivity, but also reduces the physical burden on workers. In addition, the structural design of the nailer ensures that the nails are placed accurately in the specified material, preventing the nails from skewing, loosening or being damaged. This not only ensures the firmness of the fixing, but also reduces the cost of maintenance and renovation.

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Nail shooting involves driving nails forcefully into buildings using gunpowder gases from firing blank rounds. PD driving nails usually consist of a nail and a toothed or plastic retaining ring. The job of these parts is to securely position the nail in the nail gun barrel, preventing any sideways movement during firing. The main function of the concrete drive nail itself is to penetrate materials such as concrete or steel plates, effectively fastening the connection. The PD drive pin is generally made of 60# steel. After heat treatment, the hardness of the finished core is HRC52-57. This allows them to effectively pierce concrete and steel plates.

Product Parameters

Head diameter 7.6mm
Shank diameter 3.7mm
Accessory with 10mm dia flute or 12mm dia steel washer
Customization Shank can be knurled, length can be customized


Model Shank Length
PD25P10 25mm/ 1’’
PD32P10 32mm/ 1-1/4’’
PD38P10 38mm/ 1-1/2’’
PD44P10 44mm/ 1-3/4’’
PD51P10 51mm/ 2’’
PD57P10 57mm/ 2-1/4’’
PD62P10 62mm/ 2-1/2’’
PD76P10 76mm/ 3’’


The range of applications for PD drive pins is very wide. PD drive nails are used in a variety of scenarios, including securing wood framing and beams on construction sites, and installing floors, extensions, and other wooden components in home improvement projects. In addition, concrete drive pins are widely used in the manufacturing industry, such as furniture production, car body construction, and wooden luggage manufacturing and other related fields.


1. It is crucial for operators to possess a high level of safety consciousness and possess the necessary professional expertise to prevent any unintended harm to themselves or others during the use of a nail shooting device.
2. Regularly inspecting and cleansing the nail shooter is essential to guarantee its proper functioning and extend its overall lifespan.

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