Driving Pin M6 Concrete Driving Nails Drive Screw Nails for Concrete Steel


M6 Drive nail is a widely used tool in industries such as construction, carpentry and home improvement. Its main function is to quickly and accurately fix nails on the surface of the material for construction and fixing work. The drive pin can complete the fixing work of a large number of nails in a short time, which not only improves work efficiency, but also reduces the physical burden on workers. Moreover, due to the structural design of the driving nail, the nail shooter can accurately drive the nail into the target material, avoiding the nail from being tilted, loosened or damaged.

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Nail shooting is a nail driven into a building by using the gunpowder gas generated by firing blank bombs as power. M6 drive nail usually consists of a nail and a toothed ring or a plastic retaining collar. The function of the ring gear and the plastic positioning collar is to fix the nail body in the barrel of the nail gun, so as to avoid sideways deviation when firing. The function of the nail is to drive the nail into the matrix such as concrete or steel plate to fasten the connection. The material of the drive pins is generally 60# steel, after heat treatment, the hardness of the core of the finished product is HRC52-57. Can shoot through concrete and steel plate.

Product Parameters

Head diameter 6mm
Shank diameter 3.7mm
Accessory with 12mm dia steel and plastic washer
Customization Shank can be knurled, length can be customized


Model Thread Length Shank Length
M6-11-12D12K 11mm/ 1/2’’ 12mm/ 1/2’’K
M6-20-12D12K 20mm/ 3/4’’ 12mm/ 1/2’’K
M6-20-27D12 20mm/ 3/4’’ 27mm/ 1’’
M6-20-32D12 20mm/3/4’’ 32mm/ 1-1/4’’
M60-32-32D12 32mm/ 1-1/4’’ 32mm/ 1-1/4’’


The application of M6 drive pin is wide. Whether fastening wooden frames or beams on a construction site, or installing floors, extensions and other wooden components in home improvement, drive nails have their own unique advantages. In addition, concrete drive pin is also widely used in manufacturing industries, such as furniture manufacturing, body manufacturing and wooden luggage manufacturing and other fields.


1.Operators need to have certain safety awareness and professional skills to avoid accidental injury to themselves or others during nail shooting.
2.The maintenance of the nail shooter is very important. Regularly check and clean the nail shooter to ensure its normal operation and prolong its service life.

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