New Trend Hardware Fastening Tool Integrated Powder Actuated Mini Cordless Nail Gun


  • Model:: Mini XL
  • Applicable fasteners: : integrated ceiling nails, integrated piping nails, integrated fire fighting nails, integrated wood joist nails, mini fire nails, mini hook nails etc.
  • Nail length: : 27mm, 32mm
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    The mini nail gun is a kind of newly developed manual tool, which is widely used in construction, home restoration, home improvement works, carpentry, ceiling, furniture manufacturing, ship maintenance etc. It is used with specified spare parts named integrated nails, which combines the function of powder loads and drive pins into one item, in many applications such as the assembly of pipelines, electricity boxes, windows and doors, and bridge fixing brackets etc.. The mini nail gun is light and safe, very easy to take and use at any place for any application. It can be used and stored as a common household tool set.

    The mini nail gun allows regulating in 4 power levels which are used for different applications and materials. the initial setting is the maximum level, which allows the nails fixing into concrete walls or penetrate 6mm steel plate. The minimum level is generally good for wood fixing, electric box assembling etc. In summary, whether the power over strong or not strong enough, adjusting the level would solve all problems.

    The mini nail guns have different models for different nail length used for different applications. Just remind, never point the tool to people. When finishing the work, just clean and store the tools away from minors or kids.

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