Powder Actuated Tool Mini Fastening Concrete Tool with Low Noise


The mini fastener is a fastening tool designed for fastening operations. The mini silencer fastening device which has the characteristics of light weight, high efficiency and labor saving can greatly improve work efficiency and convenience. The mini ceiling nail guns adopts an innovative design, combined with the fastening function required for ceiling installation, making the installation process easier and more efficient. It is no longer necessary to use multiple tools and materials, only one tool can be used to complete the fastening work of the suspended ceiling. Moreover, the mini fastening concrete tool is small in size, easy to carry and operate, even females can finish the fix work with it.

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The silent nailer is equipped with a special fastening mechanism, which makes the fastening process smoother, whether it is in the ceiling installation on the wall, ceiling or ground, it can be done easily. Moreover, the nail shooter complies with the technical and safety regulations of GB/T18763-2002. And the use of the mini fastening tool is very flexible, not only suitable for ceiling projects, but also widely used in various fastening operations such as house decoration and furniture assembly, bringing convenience and efficiency to your decoration and construction work. Both professionals and DIY enthusiasts can benefit from it, making the work easier, faster and more precise.


Model number Mini T Z
Tool length 326mm
Tool weight 0.56kg
Material Steel+plastic
Compatible fasteners Integrated powder actuated nails
Customized OEM/ODM support
Certificate ISO9001
Application Built construction, home decoration


1. Save physical strength. Different from the previous traditional ceiling mode, the latest mini fastening tool only needs to put the nail shooter perpendicular to the work surface, compress it in place and fire it automatically. After the firing is completed, a fixing operation is completed.
2. It is easy to carry. Compared with the traditional ceiling, it saves the binding and wiring of electric hammers, the construction of ladders, and the manual climbing up and down and lifting forward and backward.
3. Put an end to high-altitude operations and reduce potential safety hazards.


1. Read the instructions carefully before use.
2. It is strictly forbidden to aim the nail holes at yourself or others.
3. Users must wear protective equipment.
4. Non-staff and minors are not allowed to use this product.
5. Do not use fasteners in flammable and explosive places.

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