Powder-actuated Tool Ke G7 Ceiling Fastening Tool Silent Construction Nail Gun


The ceiling fastening device is widely utilized, portable, ensures safe operation, delivers reliable results, offers fast and durable construction. The fastening device for decoration operates using gas instead of compressed air. This versatile actuated tool is suitable for various types of fasteners on the upper side, including multi-model specifications, light gauge steel joists (integrated ceilings), wooden keels (wooden ceilings), wiring conduits for both strong and weak currents, fixed weak electric bridges, fire branch and spray devices fixing, air conditioning ducts, ventilation pipes as well as water supply and drainage pipelines.

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Ceiling fastening tool is a new type of construction tool, used with the latest design of integrated nails, which provides a more convenient and efficient solution for ceiling construction. The traditional suspended ceiling construction process requires the use of various tools and materials, and the operation is complicated and time-consuming. The emergence of the ceiling fastening tool has changed this situation. The ceiling nail device adopts an innovatively designed integrated nail, which makes the installation process easier. The integrated powder actuated nail integrates the fixing and hiding functions of the ceiling, just insert it between the ceiling and the wall, and fix it with one press. No need for additional fixing tools, greatly reducing working time and labor.


Model number G7
Nail length 22-52mm
Tool weight 1.35kg
Material Steel+plastic
Compatible fasteners Integrated powder actuated nails
Customized OEM/ODM support
Certificate ISO9001
Application Built construction, home decoration


1.Rich resources of similar products and better solutions.
2. Competitive price directly from factory with good quality.
3. OEM/OEM service support.
4. Professional production and development team and quick response.
5. Small order acceptable.


1. Must read the manual carefully before use.
2. Don’t press the nail tube by hand while nails are in the nailer.
3. Don’t point the nailer holes at yourself or others.
4. Non-workers and minors are not allowed to use the fastening ceiling tool.
5. Users must bring protective equipment such as: protective gloves, anti-impact dust goggles and construction helmet.


1.It is recommended to apply 1-2 drops of lubricating oil to the air joint before each use.
2.Keep the inside and outside of the magazine and the nozzle clean without any debris or glue.
3.To avoid potential damage, refrain from disassembling the tool without proper guidance or expertise.

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