Powder Actuated Tools ZG660 Industrial Fastening Concrete Construction Tools


The ZG660 Nail Gun is popular in the building and remodeling industry for the fast and effective way it secures materials. As a powder-actuated tool, it quickly installs nails or screws into a variety of surfaces, including wood, stone, and metal. In contrast, its use greatly increases construction productivity compared to traditional techniques such as hammers and screwdrivers. A notable safety feature of this powder-actuated nail gun is the unique positioning of its piston between the powder load and the drive pin. This ingenious design effectively reduces the possibility of uncontrolled movement of the nail that could cause damage to the nail and the surface it is attached to.

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The powder-actuated tool provides significant advantages over traditional methods like casting, hole filling, bolting, or welding. An important benefit is its integrated power source, eliminating the need for complicated cables and air hoses. Using the nail gun is straightforward. Initially, the operator loads the necessary nail cartridges into the tool. Then, they insert the corresponding driving pins into the gun. Finally, the user aims the nail gun at the desired position, pulls the trigger, and initiates a powerful impact that effectively embeds the nail or screw into the material.


Model number ZG660
Tool length 352mm
Tool weight 3kg
Material Steel+plastic
Compatible fasteners Power loads and driving pins
Customized OEM/ODM support
Certificate ISO9001
Application Built construction, home decoration


1.Increase worker productivity and reduce physical strain, leading to time savings.
2.Provide enhanced stability and strength when securing objects.
3.Reduce material damage and minimize potential harm caused.


1.Prior to usage, carefully review the provided instructions.
2.Under no circumstances should the nail holes be directed towards oneself or others.
3.It is mandatory for users to wear appropriate protective gear.
4.This product is restricted to authorized personnel only and should not be operated by minors.
5.Avoid using fasteners in areas that are susceptible to flammability or explosive hazards.

Operation guide

1.Place the muzzle of the ZG660 against the work surface at 90°. Do not tilt the tool and press down the tool until it is fully compressed. Keep the tool firmly pressed against the work surface until the powder load is discharged. Pull the trigger to discharge the tool.
2.After the fastening is made, remove the tool from the work surface.
3.Eject the powder load by holding the barrel and pulling it forward rapidly. The powder load will be ejected from the chamber and the piston will be reset into the firing position, ready for re-loading.

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