Powder Loads S1 .27cal 6.8*11mm Power Loads for Nail Guns in Construction


S1 powder loads are a popular choice in the construction industry due to their ability to effectively hold nails precisely to building materials. These electrical loads, when used with a powder actuated tools, provide a powerful and accurate solution for completing renovation projects. The industrial cartridge is made of high-quality elastic material to ensure stability and elasticity during operation. By using nail bullets, the construction efficiency is greatly improved, thereby reducing manpower and time costs. There is no doubt that the decorating industry has widely embraced the advantages of the S1 electrical load and its accompanying powder driven tools.

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S1 powder load is a common .27 caliber nail shooting ammunition, which is characterized by being made of high-quality copper. Not only provide reliable durability, but also provide outstanding performance and precise work results. S1 nail bullets are coded in multiple colors of black, red, yellow, green and white to distinguish different degrees of power. Among them, the black power load means that it has the strongest power and is suitable for harder construction materials, such as concrete or steel structures. They efficiently and securely hold nails on these hard surfaces, ensuring firmness and long-term stability. The white nail shot has the lowest power which is a special version for precise and light fixing tasks. Whether it is on a construction site or a home renovation, the S1 nail shooter is indispensable for powder actuated tools. Their versatility and reliability make them the first choice of professionals and amateurs alike.

Product Parameters

Model Dia X Len Color Power Power Level Style
S1 .27cal 6.8*11mm Black Strongest 6  


Red Strong 5
Yellow Medium 4
Green Low 3
White Lowest 2


1.The nail powder loads can be fired at high speed, quickly fixing the nail to the building material.
2.The nail cartridge has high nail shooting accuracy, and can accurately shoot the nail into the designated position.
3.The nail shooting bullets are designed with a variety of safety measures, such as latches and safety triggers. Operators need to operate in accordance with the correct instructions to ensure the safety of use.
4.The power load is suitable for fixing various construction materials, such as concrete, steel, wood, etc. It is widely used in construction, decoration, carpentry and other fields.
5.The use of nail bullets can save manpower and material resources and improve work efficiency.

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