Integrated Powder Actuated 20mm Piping Nails Ke Nails for Construction


Nitrocellulose integrated powder actuated 20mm pipe nails are used as metal fasteners, mainly for fixing pipes, tubes
or cables. Made of strong and corrosion-resistant materials, this pipe clamp ensures optimum strength and durability, effectively securing pipes or cables to walls or floors. This integrated nail combines power and nails into one more portable, convenient and efficient tool than traditional nails. 16mm integrated nails are used, and the pipe clip nails are compatible with semi-arc hinges. Integrated powder-actuated pipe nails are widely used in construction, electrical and plumbing installations, eliminating the need for bulky traditional fastening tools for pipe fixing tasks.

Product Detail

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1. Exceptional hardness.
2.Remarkable penetrating power.
3.Must be constructed with a material of 2mm thickness.
4.Surface treated with hot galvanization.
5.Demonstrates exceptional stability and guarantees safety.

The integrated piping nail features a clever design that seamlessly combines the energy component with the nail part, resulting in enhanced portability. Its pipe clamp integration ensures structural stability, preventing any loosening or breakage during usage, which in turn guarantees a safe and reliable construction process. Moreover, the integrated nail exhibits exceptional durability, resisting corrosion and wear even in harsh environmental conditions. As a result, users can confidently rely on these piping nails without the need for frequent replacements or repairs, thus reducing maintenance costs and the potential for work disruptions. By selecting and utilizing the integrated piping nails, users can significantly improve both the efficiency and safety of their work.

Product Parameters

1.To ensure robustness, it is recommended to use a steel plate with a thickness of 2mm, while the minimum thickness of the coating should be 5μ.
2.When using C30-C40 concrete, the tensile capacity is between 4200-5800N2. It is important to realize that the depth of pipe studs is affected by the strength of the concrete, resulting in variations in the data. In order to comply with safety standards, we rely on a range of safety data. Typical single nail pullout forces are designed for loads up to 100 kg.
3.The preferred clamp type is G20.


The integrated powder actuated 25mm piping nails is commonly used in fields such as construction, electrical and plumbing installations. The pipe clips play a very important role in the installation and maintenance of pipelines and cables.

Special Design

Double base propellant, more safe than single or so-called multi propellant. The power part of the integrated ceiling nail is made with nitrocotton and nitroglycerin or other explosive plasticizers as its basic energy component. Generally used for large caliber artillery and mortar firing charges.

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