Integrated Powder Actuated Square Fire Fighting Nails


The integrated powder actuated square nails with discs are a type of bare rod nails. These nails are usually made of heat-resistant galvanized steel, which can withstand prolonged exposure to heat without warping or damage. They are specifically designed to safely and securely fasten firefighting equipment such as fire call buttons and sprinklers, ensuring they are securely mounted and quickly accessible in emergency situations.

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1.Fire Nails have excellent penetration strength and are highly resistant to disengagement.
2.Reinforced with 2mm thick material and unrivaled sturdiness.
3.Fire nails are extremely durable, have extraordinary toughness, and are very unbreakable.
4.Through the hot-dip galvanizing process, the surface of the fire nail can effectively prevent rust.

The integrated fire fighting square nail has a unique design structure, which is composed of a circular plate and an attached nail. Such an arrangement not only ensures the convenience of the user, but also ensures the stability during use. In addition, high-temperature steel is used as a special material to endow the fire nail with corrosion-resistant and anti-oxidation properties, so that it can be used for a long time in a humid or dusty environment without being easily damaged. Additionally, the fire spikes prevent accidental movement or shaking of the device. Moreover, the installation process of the fastener is simple. Simply align the bottom of the peg with the designated hole on the fire equipment and press firmly, the post will automatically insert into the hole and secure the equipment in place.

Product Parameters

1. The hardness is usually in the range of HRC52-57.
2. The tensile strength of the rod nail alone is greater than 1800N/mm².
3. The shear strength of the rod nail alone is 1000N/mm².
4. The rod nails can bend 60° continuously.
5. Usually, the drawing force of single nail suites for load less than 100kg.


The sqaure fire fighting nail is widely used in many occasions, like light steel joist, bridge bracket, electricity, house decoration, doors and windows, monitoring, advertising etc.

Special Design

Double base propellant, more safe than single or so-called multi propellant. The power part of the integrated ceiling nail is made with nitro cotton and nitroglycerin or other explosive plasticizers as its basic energy component. Generally used for large caliber artillery and mortar firing charges.

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