Nitrocellulose Integrated Powder Actuated Threaded Nails


The integrated threaded nail adopts all-in-one design, which has the characteristics of fast fixing, easy installation and firmness. The threaded nail is suitable for detachable and adjustable installations. One of the key features that sets our threaded one piece nails apart from the competition is their versatility. Whether you need to install appliances, brackets, pipe collars, metal cabinets, underfloor heating, or light fixtures, this threaded nail has a wide range of applications. Its adaptability makes it the first choice for anyone looking for a reliable, efficient installation solution.

Product Detail

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1.Strong penetration.
2.Thread design.
3. Full toughness, not easy to break.
4. Hot galvanized surface, not easy to rust.

Our threaded one-piece nails excel in both fixed and adjustable installations. Its removable and adjustable nature means you can easily modify and fine-tune your setup according to your preferences or changing needs. This flexibility allows you to achieve precise installations and ensure your luminaires are perfectly aligned. One of the main advantages of our threaded one-piece nails is their simplicity and ease of use. Gone are the days of wrestling with complex tools or spending hours deciphering installation manuals. With our innovative design, installation is a breeze even for those with limited experience. In just a few easy steps, your fixture will be securely in place! Its sturdy construction and reliable threads ensure that once installed, your fixtures stay securely in place, giving you peace of mind and eliminating any concerns about loose or wobbling components. The threaded nail combines functionality, versatility and user-friendliness to take your experience to a whole new level!

Product Parameters

1.Thread:M8*10; torque:8Nm.
2.When shooting C30-C40 concrete, drawing capacity within 4200-5800N2. Different intensity of concrete affects different depth of pipe nails which leads to different data. We use a safe range of data. Usually, the drawing force of single nail suites for load less than 100kg.


The integrated threaded nail is suitable for installing electrical appliances, brackets, pipe clamps, metal cabinets, underfloor heating, lamps, fence angle irons.

Special Design

Double base propellant, more safe than single or so-called multi propellant. The power part of the integrated ceiling nail is made with nitrocotton and nitroglycerin or other explosive plasticizers as its basic energy component. Generally used for large caliber artillery and mortar firing charges.

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