Nitrocellulose Integrated Powder Actuated Wood Joist Nails


L-shaped wooden keel integrated nail is an innovative building material which can be easily nailed into wooden studs to ensure a firm connection and be able to bear the load of heavy objects. This design can not only provide a better installation effect, but also reduce the risk of deformation of the wooden joist. Moreover, L-shaped wooden stud nails have proper length and size to ensure a perfect match with various specifications of wooden studs. Whether you are a construction professional or want to DIY by yourself, we believe the L-shaped wooden nails will be your best choice.

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1.L-shaped design, with 7 holes.
2.Hard and Powerful.
3.No easy to deform.
4.Hot galvanizing surface.

L-shaped wooden keel integrated nail provides a more efficient and convenient solution for the installation of wooden keel by fusing power and nails together. As an important structural support material in buildings, wooden keels often need to be fixed with a large number of nails. However, there are some problems with the traditional nail installation method, such as slow installation speed, cumbersome operation and easy damage to wood. The design of L-shaped wooden keel integrated nail perfectly solves these problems. The wooden keel nail adopts an L-shaped design, which makes it easier for nails to be inserted into the wooden keel, providing a stronger fixing effect which is more stable and reliable. The head of the nail is made of anti-oxidation material, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and rust resistance, which prolongs the service life and effectively avoids the damage to the wood caused by the rust of the nail.

Product Parameters

1.The actuated wood joist nail adopts steel plate with 2mm thickness, 21mm diameter, and not less than 5μ zinc coating .
2.When shooting C30-C40 concrete, drawing capacity within 4200-5800N2. Different intensity of concrete affects different depth of pipe nails which leads to different data. We use a safe range of data. Usually, the drawing force of single nail suites for load less than 100kg.


The integrated wood joist nail is widely used to install the wooden staircase in a residential building or secure the wooden partition in a commercial building.

Special Design

Double base propellant, more safe than single or so-called multi propellant. The power part of the integrated ceiling nail is made with nitro cotton and nitroglycerin or other explosive plasticizers as its basic energy component. Generally used for large caliber artillery and mortar firing charges.

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