Powder Actuated Tools DP701 Ke Powder Fastening Concrete Tools


DP701 powder-actuated tool is an advanced semi-automatic nailing tool, which is professionally used for fixing materials such as wood, steel and concrete. The concrete fastening tool is manufactured with high-quality steel and plastic, has powerful shooting power and stable operation performance. Nail guns are ideal for a variety of construction and home improvement tasks such as carpentry, floor installation, furniture assembly, and roof construction, among others. DP701 nail gun is compact in design, easy to carry and operate.

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The nail gun used for nail fastening technology is an advanced modern fastening technology. Compared with traditional pre-embedded fixing, hole pouring, bolt connection, welding and other methods, the powder actuated tool has many advantages: self-contained energy, thus getting rid of the burden of wires and air ducts, convenient for on-site and high-altitude operations; the operation is fast and the construction period is short, which can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers. Moreover, it can even solve some construction problems that were difficult to solve in the past, save money and reduce construction costs.


Model number DP701
Tool length 62mm
Tool wight 2.5kg
Dimensions 350mm*155mm*46mm
Compatible powder load S1JL
Compatible pins DN,END,EPD,PDT,DNT,angle with clip pins
Customized OEM/ODM support
Certificate ISO9001

Operation guide

1.Use only by professionals or trained personnel.
2. The nail gun must be fully inspected before operation. The shell and handle of the nail gun have no cracks or damage; the protective covers of all parts are complete and firm, and the protection devices are reliable.
3. Forbidden to push the nail tube with the palm of your hand and point the muzzle at the person.
4. When firing, the nail gun should be pressed vertically on the working surface.
5. Before replacing parts or disconnecting the nail gun, no nail bullets should be installed in the gun.
6. Pay attention to the sound and temperature rise during operation, and stop using it immediately if any abnormality is found, and carry out inspection.


1.Please add 1-2 drops of lubricating oil to the air joint before use to keep the internal parts lubricated and increase working efficiency and tool life.
2.Keep the inside and outside of the magazine and the nozzle clean without any debris or glue.
3.Do not disassemble the tool arbitrarily to avoid damage.

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