Powder Actuated Tools JD301 Ke Powder Fastening Shooting Nail Guns


JD301 powder-actuated tool is an advanced semi-automatic shooting nail tool, which is professionally used for fixing materials such as wood, steel and concrete. This nail gun adds an indirect piston between the powder loads and the drive pins, further reducing the kinetic energy transferred to the nail, while the larger mass of the piston can also reduce the speed of the nail fixation, improve safety, reduce the kinetic energy of the nail out of control, and avoid damage to the nail and the base material. The nail gun is compact in design, easy to carry and operate.

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The nail gun is an innovative and modern tool for fastening nails. Compared with traditional fixing methods such as pre-embedded fixing, hole filling, bolt connection, welding, etc., it has significant advantages. One of its main advantages is its independent energy source, without cumbersome wires and air ducts, which makes it very convenient to work on site and at heights. In addition, the tool can realize fast and efficient operation, thereby shortening the construction period and reducing the labor intensity of workers. In addition, it has the potential to solve previously existing construction difficulties, thereby saving costs and reducing construction expenses.

Technical parameters

Model number JD301
Tool length 340mm
Tool wight 3.25kg
Material Steel+plastic
Compatible powder load S1JL
Compatible pins DN,END,PD,EPD,M6/M8 Threaded studs,PDT
Customized OEM/ODM support
Certificate ISO9001

Operation guide

1. Read the instructions carefully before use.
2. It is not recommended to use the nailer to operate on soft substrates as this operation will damage the brake ring of the nailer, thus affecting normal use.
3. After installing the nail cartridge, it is strictly forbidden to directly push the nail tube by hand.
4. Don't aim the nail shooter loaded with nail bullets at others.
5. During the shooting process, if the nail shooter does not fire, it should stop for more than 5 seconds before moving the nail shooter.
6. After the nail shooter is used, or before repair or maintenance, the powder loads should be taken out first.
7. The nail shooter has been used for a long time, and the wearing parts (such as piston rings) should be replaced in time, otherwise the shooting effect will not be ideal (such as power decline).
8. In order to ensure the safety of you and others, please strictly use supporting nailing equipment.

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