Powder Actuated Tools JD301T Concrete Fastening Shooting Nail Guns


The JD301T powder-actuated tool is a highly advanced semi-automatic nail gun that is specifically designed for securely fastening various materials like wood, steel, and concrete. Notably, this nail gun features an additional piston placed between the powder loads and drive pins, resulting in a reduced transfer of kinetic energy to the nail. The incorporation of a larger piston mass effectively lowers the speed of nail fixation, significantly enhancing safety measures by minimizing the risk of uncontrolled nail movements that could lead to damage of both the nail and the base material. Moreover, its compact and lightweight design ensures easy portability and operation.

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The nail gun is a revolutionary and contemporary tool for securing nails. In comparison to conventional methods such as embedded fixing, filling holes, bolt connection, welding, etc., it offers significant advantages. One of its primary benefits is its self-contained power source, eliminating the need for cumbersome wires and air hoses, making it extremely convenient for on-site and elevated work. Moreover, this tool enables fast and efficient operation, leading to shorter construction periods and reduced labor exertion. Furthermore, it has the capability to overcome previous construction challenges, consequently resulting in cost savings and diminished project expenses.


Model number JD301T
Tool length 340mm
Tool wight 2.58kg
Material Steel+plastic
Compatible powder load S1JL
Compatible pins YD, PS,PJ,PK ,M6,M8,KD,JP, HYD, PD,EPD
Customized OEM/ODM support
Certificate ISO9001

Operation guide

1. There are manuals for all kinds of nail shooters. You should read the manuals before use to understand the principle, performance, structure, disassembly and assembly methods of the nail shooters, and follow the prescribed precautions.
2. For soft materials (such as wood) being shot by firmware or substrates, the power of the nail shooting bullet should be selected appropriately. If the power is too large, the piston rod will be broken.
3. During the shooting process, if the nail shooter does not fire, it should stop for more than 5 seconds before moving the nail shooter.


1.Please add 1-2 drops of lubricating oil to the air joint before use to keep the internal parts lubricated and increase working efficiency and tool life.
2.Keep the inside and outside of the magazine and the nozzle clean without any debris or glue.
3.Do not disassemble the tool arbitrarily to avoid damage.

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