Powder Actuated Tools JD307M Single Shot Powder Tools Concrete Shooter


The JD307M nail gun is a fast and efficient tool that is often used for fastening work in the construction and renovation industries. With the powder actuated tools, workers can easily fasten nails or screws to various construction materials such as wood, stone and metal. Compared with the traditional hammer and screwdriver, this nail shooting method greatly improves the construction speed and efficiency. One of the notable features of this powder actuated nail gun is its unique piston placement, positioned between the powder loads and drive pins, improving safety by minimizing the risk of uncontrolled nail movements that could cause damage to the nail and the base material.

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The powder actuated tool offers significant advantages over traditional methods such as casting, hole filling, bolting or welding. A notable advantage is its self-contained power supply, eliminating the need for cumbersome wires and air hoses. The way to use the nail gun is very simple. First, the worker loads the required nail cartridges into the gun. Then, put the matched driving pins into the shooter. At last, the worker aims the nail gun at the position to be fixed, presses the trigger, and the gun will send out a powerful impact, and quickly shoot the nail or screw into the material.


Model number JD307M
Tool length 345mm
Tool wight 1.35kg
Material Steel+plastic
Compatible powder load S5
Compatible pins YD, PJ,PK ,M6,M8,KD,JP, HYD, PD,EPD
Customized OEM/ODM support
Certificate ISO9001


1.Save workers' physical strength and time.
2.Provide a more stable and firm fixing effect.
3.Reduce damage to the material.

Operation guide

1.Nail shooters come with instruction manuals that provide valuable information about their functionality, performance, structure, disassembly and assembly procedures. It is highly recommended to carefully read the manuals in order to gain a thorough understanding of these aspects and to adhere to the specified safety guidelines.
2.When working with soft materials like wood, it is crucial to choose an appropriate power level for the nail shooting projectiles. Using excessive power can result in damaging the piston rod, so it is essential to select the power setting wisely.
3.In the event that the nail shooter fails to discharge during the shooting process, it is advisable to pause for a minimum of 5 seconds before attempting to move the nail shooter.

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