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The MC52 nail gun is a rapid and effective device commonly utilized in the construction and remodeling sectors for securing materials. Powder actuated tools enable workers to easily fix nails or screws onto various surfaces including wood, stone, and metal. This method of nail shooting considerably enhances construction speed and efficiency in comparison to traditional methods such as hammers and screwdrivers. A noteworthy feature of this powder actuated nail gun is its unique positioning of the piston between the powder loads and drive pins, which promotes safety by reducing the risk of uncontrolled nail movements that may result in damage to both the nail and the underlying material.

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The powder-actuated tool provides significant benefits over traditional techniques like casting, hole filling, bolting, or welding. One key advantage is its self-contained power source, eliminating the need for cumbersome cables and air hoses. Using the nail gun is straightforward. Firstly, the operator loads the necessary nail cartridges into the tool. Then, they insert the appropriate driving pins into the gun. Finally, the operator aims the nail gun at the desired fixing position, pulls the trigger, prompting a forceful impact that swiftly drives the nail or screw into the material.


Model number MC52
Tool wight 4.65kg
Color Red +black
Material Steel+iron
Power source Powder loads
Compatible fastener Driving pins
Customized OEM/ODM support
Certificate ISO9001


1.Reduce physical exertion and time consumption for workers.
2.Ensures a stronger and more secure attachment.
3.Minimize any potential damage to the material.

Operation guide

1.The instruction manual that comes with your nailer contains important information about its operation, performance, construction, disassembly and assembly procedures. Careful reading of these manuals is strongly recommended to fully understand the tool and to observe the specified safety guidelines.
2.When working with soft materials such as wood, selecting the proper power level for nail shooters is critical. Using too much power can damage the piston rod, so it's important to choose your power setting wisely.
3.If the powder actuated tool does not discharge during firing, it is recommended to wait at least 5 seconds before attempting to move the tool.
4.When using a nail gun, wear appropriate personal protective equipment, including safety glasses, ear protection, and gloves to prevent potential injury.
5.Regular maintenance and cleaning of your nailer is necessary to maintain its performance and prolong its life.

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