Powder Actuated Tools JD307 Concrete Powder Fastening Tools for Decoration


The JD307 powder-actuated tool is an advanced, semi-automatic nail gun designed to securely fasten wood, steel, and concrete materials. A notable feature of this powder actuated nail gun is its unique piston placement, positioned between the powder loads and drive pins. This configuration reduces the transfer of kinetic energy to the nail, improving safety by minimizing the risk of uncontrolled nail movements that could cause damage to the nail and the base material. Additionally, its compact and lightweight design allows for easy portability and operation, further enhancing its convenience and efficiency.

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The nail shooting gun is an innovative and modern device for fastening nails. Compared with traditional methods such as pre-embedding, hole filling, bolt connection, welding, etc., the powder actuated tools has significant advantages. One of its main advantages is its independent power supply, which eliminates the need for cumbersome wires and air hoses, making it very convenient for on-site and high-altitude work. In addition, the shooting fastening tool enables fast and efficient operation, resulting in shorter construction periods and less labor. Additionally, it has the ability to overcome previous construction challenges, resulting in cost savings and reduced project expenses.


Model number JD307
Tool length 345mm
Tool wight 2kg
Material Steel+plastic
Compatible powder load S5
Compatible pins YD, PJ,PK ,M6,M8,KD,JP, HYD, PD,EPD
Customized OEM/ODM support
Certificate ISO9001


1.It is essential to carefully read and understand the provided instructions.
2.It is advised to avoid using the nail gun on soft surfaces as this can cause damage to the nailer's brake ring, resulting in compromised functionality.
3.The direct manual pushing of the nail tube is strictly prohibited following the installation of the nail cartridge.R
4.Refrain from pointing the nail shooter, when loaded with nail bullets, towards other individuals.
5.If the nail shooter fails to fire during the operation, it should be paused for at least 5 seconds before any further movement.B
6.Before conducting any repairs, maintenance, or after usage, it is necessary to remove the powder loads first.
7.In cases where the nail shooter has been utilized for an extended period, it is vital to promptly replace worn-out parts, such as piston rings, to ensure optimal shooting performance.
8.To guarantee the safety of both yourself and others, it is imperative to utilize appropriate supporting nailing equipment.

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