Powder Actuated Tools ZG103 Fastening Concrete Nail Gun Tools for Construction


The ZG103 nail gun is a popular choice in the construction and remodeling industries due to its speed and efficiency in securing materials. It is a powder actuated tool that allows for quick installation of nails or screws on various surfaces like wood, stone, and metal. Compared to traditional methods like hammers and screwdrivers, using this nail gun significantly improves construction productivity. One notable safety feature of this powder actuated nail gun is its unique placement of the piston between the powder loads and drive pins. This design helps minimize the risk of uncontrolled nail movements, which can potentially cause damage to both the nail and the surface it is being attached to.

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The powder-actuated tool offers significant advantages compared to traditional methods such as casting, hole filling, bolting, or welding. One key benefit is its integrated power source, doing away with the need for cumbersome cables and air hoses. Operating the nail gun is simple. First, the user loads the required nail cartridges into the tool. Then, they insert the appropriate driving pins into the gun. Lastly, the user points the nail gun at the desired location, pulls the trigger, initiating a forceful impact that efficiently drives the nail or screw into the material.


Model number ZG103
Tool length 325mm
Tool weight 2.3kg
Material Steel+plastic
Compatible fasteners 6mm or 6.3mm head High velocity drive Pins
Customized OEM/ODM support
Certificate ISO9001
Application Built construction, home decoration


1.Enhance worker efficiency and alleviate physical exertion, resulting in time saved.
2.Deliver a heightened level of stability and solidity in securing objects.
3.Mitigate material harm, minimizing potential damage inflicted.


1. Read the instructions carefully before use.
2. It is strictly forbidden to aim the nail holes at yourself or others.
3. Users must wear protective equipment.
4. Non-staff and minors are not allowed to use this product.
5. Do not use fasteners in flammable and explosive places.

Operation guide

1.Pull the barrel forward firmly until it stops. This sets the piston and opens the chamber area. Make sure there is no powder load in the chamber.
2.Insert the proper fastener into the muzzle of the tool. Insert the fastener head first so that the plastic flutes are inside the muzzle.
3.After the fastening is made, remove the tool from the work surface.
4.Hold firmly against surface for 30 seconds if no firing upon trigger pull. Lift cautiously, avoiding pointing yourself or others. Submerge load in water for disposal. Never discard unfired loads in trash or any manner.

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