Powder Loads S4 .25cal 6.3*12mm Cartridge for Fastening Actuated Tools


The S4 power load is highly sought after in the construction industry due to its effective grip on nails across various building materials. When utilized alongside powder-actuated tools, these powder loads offer a dependable and precise solution for renovation projects. The industrial cartridge, composed of top-grade elastic material, guarantees consistent stability and elasticity during operation. Construction efficiency is noticeably enhanced by employing power loads, leading to reduced labor and time expenses. It is indisputable that the S4 power load and its associated powder-driven tools have been widely embraced by the decorating sector for their numerous benefits.

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The S4 powder load is a highly utilized ammunition in the construction sector, specifically designed for .25 caliber nail shooting tools. Characterized by its top-notch copper material, this cartridge offers not only durability but also exceptional performance and precise outcomes. The power loads are available in three styles: single, strip, and disc, catering to different application preferences. Moreover, the S4 power loads are color-coded in black, red, yellow, and green representing varying power levels for easy identification. This allows users to select the most suitable load for their specific construction tasks. Whether working on a construction site or undertaking a home renovation project, the S4 power load proves to be an invaluable tool for powder actuated applications. Its versatility and reliability firmly establish it as the preferred choice among both professionals and enthusiasts.

Product Parameters

Model Dia X Len Color Power Power Level Style
S4 .25cal 6.3*12mm Black Strongest 6 Single
Red Strong 5
Yellow Medium 4
Green Low 3


Fast and efficient.
Focused on accuracy.
Reliable and dependable.
Flexible and versatile.
Improve productivity and resource utilization.


1.When in use, keep the surrounding environment clean and prevent other personnel from entering the work area.
2.Regular cleaning and maintenance of the nail shooter will ensure it is functioning properly. Replace worn parts in time to avoid damage or accidents.
3.Follow the instruction strictly. If you have any questions or problems, it is recommended to consult professionals or technical support from the manufacturer.
4.It can only be used in construction, cannot engage in other illegal work with it.
5.Away from children.

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