Powder Loads S5 .22cal 5.6*16mm Necking Down Power Loads for Construction


The construction industry highly values the S5 necking down powder load due to its exceptional performance across various construction materials. These powder loads are utilized alongside powder-driven tools, offering a dependable and precise solution for refurbishment projects. Industrial cartridges are manufactured using top-notch elastic materials, guaranteeing consistent stability and flexibility during usage. The inclusion of electrical loads can greatly enhance construction productivity, reducing labor and time costs. It is no surprise that the S5 powder load and its accompanying powder-driven tools are esteemed within the construction community for their numerous advantages.

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Made of high-quality copper, the S5 gunpowder load is a widely used 0.22 caliber power load. Known for its durability and superior performance, it delivers precise work results. S5 powder loads are available in four different color codes(red, yellow, green, brown, gray) to differentiate their power levels. Red powder loads are the highest impact and designed for harder construction materials like concrete or steel structures. It ensures efficient and safe tacking, providing instant firing and long-term stability. Gray powder loads are the lowest powerful which are ideal for older materials and lightweight construction materials like drywall or veneer because they provide adjustable power for instant fastening without damage. All in all, S5 powder load is your indispensable assistant in construction site and home improvement, it can help you complete the work, improve efficiency, and provide reliable fixing effect.

Product Parameters

Model Dia X Len Color Power Power Level Style
S5 .22cal 5.6*16mm Red Strongest 6 Single
Yellow Strong 5
Green Medium 4
Brown Low 3
Gray Lowest 1


1.Push the nail tube with the palm of the hand and pointing the muzzle at a person is explicitly forbidden.
2.Prior to replacing parts or disconnecting the nail gun, ensure that it is not loaded with nail bullets.
3.Begin by testing the tool with the lowest power level accessible.
4.Gradually escalate the power level if more force is required, until the desired level of fastening is achieved.
5.Consult the operator's manual for more detailed instructions and adhere to all safety guidelines and reminders.
6.It is crucial for tool operators to receive proper training and qualifications as mandated by federal law.
7.Incorrect usage of the tool will result in severe consequences, such as serious injury or even fatality for users or bystanders.

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