Powder Loads S3 .27cal 6.8*18mm Cartridge for Nail Shooting Tools


The S3 power load is popular in the construction sector for its ability to effectively hold nails firmly in place on a variety of building materials. When used with powder-actuated tools, these powder loads provide a reliable and accurate solution for refurbishment projects. The industrial cartridge is made of high-quality elastic material, ensuring stability and elasticity throughout the operation. By using power loads, construction efficiency is significantly improved, thereby reducing labor and time costs. There is no doubt that the decorating industry has widely embraced the advantages of the S3 power load and accompanying powder driven tools.

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The S3 powder load is a widely used ammunition in the construction industry, designed for .27 caliber nail shooting tools. The cartridge stands out for its high-quality copper composition, delivering not only durability but also exceptional performance and precise results. The power loads has single, strip and disc these three styles. And S3 power loads are color-coded in black, red, yellow, and green to indicate varying levels of power. You can choose the suitable one to finish your construction work. Whether it is a construction site or a home renovation project, the S3 nail shooter becomes an invaluable tool for powder actuated applications. Its versatility and reliability make it the top preference for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Product Parameters

Model Dia X Len Color Power Power Level Style
S3 .27cal 6.8*18mm Black Strongest 6 Single
Red Strong 5
Yellow Medium 4
Green Low 3


1.Rapid and effective.
3.Secure and trustworthy.
4.Versatile and adaptable.
5.Enhance labor and resource efficiency.


1. Before using, make sure to wear proper safety gear such as gloves, goggles, and earplugs.
2.Check that the power loads are installed correctly, and make sure the powder actuated tools has no damaged or loose parts.
3.Choose the right powder loads according to the material and surface that needs to be nailed. Make sure the size and type of nail cartridges match the needs of the job.
4.When using nail bullets, please follow the manufacturer's operating instructions and strictly follow the prescribed steps.
5.Make sure that it is within the range of use and that there are no people or objects within the safe distance. Avoid shooting nail rounds at people or animals.

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