Powder Loads S52 .22cal 5.6*15mm Straight Wall Cartridge for Shooting Guns


S52 Powder Loading is highly regarded in the construction industry for its excellent performance on different construction materials. The powder load is often used with powder driven tools to provide a reliable and accurate solution for refurbishment projects. The industrial cartridges used are made of high-quality elastic material, ensuring consistent stability and flexibility during use. The powder loads can be added to further increase construction productivity and reduce labor and time expenses. It’s no wonder the S52 Powder Loader and its associated powder-driven tools are highly regarded in the construction world for their many benefits.

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The S52 powder load is a popular choice for construction and home improvement projects due to its exceptional durability and accuracy. This powder load is made of high-quality copper and always provides precise results. These powder loads are categorized by different color codes such as purple, red, yellow and green to indicate their different power levels. Purple powder loads are designed for tough materials such as concrete and steel structures, ensuring efficient and secure fastening, instant ignition and long-lasting stability. Green powder loads, on the other hand, are the lowest power option that are great for delicate and lightweight materials like drywall or veneer. Their adjustable power allows instant and damage-free fastening. Overall, the S52 powder loader is an indispensable tool on construction sites and home improvement projects, guaranteeing efficient job completion, increased productivity and reliable holding capacity.

Product Parameters

Model Dia X Len Color Power Power Level Style
S52 .22cal 5.6*15mm Purple Strong 6 Single
Red Medium 5
Yellow Low 4
Green Lowest 3


Rapid and effective.
Exceptional precision.
Secure and trustworthy.
Versatile utilization.
Economize on labor and resources.


1.Before using the powder shot loads, make sure to wear proper safety gear such as gloves, goggles, and earplugs and keep the surrounding environment clean and prevent other personnel from entering the work area.
2.Check that clips and magazines are installed correctly, and make sure the machine has no damaged or loose parts. Check whether the air pressure or power supply is normal.
3.Choose the right nail shooter according to the material and surface that needs to be nailed. Make sure the size and type of nail cartridges match the needs of the job.
4.Follow the manufacturer's operating instructions and strictly follow the prescribed steps.
5.Avoid shooting nail rounds at people or animals.

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