Powder Loads S43 .25cal 6.3*12mm Cartridge for Fastening Actuated Tools


S43 powder load is highly regarded in the construction industry for its excellent performance in a wide variety of construction materials. These powder loads are used with powder driven tools to provide a reliable and accurate solution for refurbishment projects. Industrial cartridges are made of high-quality elastic materials, ensuring consistent stability and flexibility during use. Incorporating electrical loads can significantly increase construction productivity, reducing labor and time expenditures. It’s no wonder that the S43 powder load and its accompanying powder-driven tools are admired in the construction world for their many benefits.

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The S43 powder load is a common .25 caliber power load made of high-quality copper. Not only provides reliable durability, but also provides excellent performance and precise work results. S43 nail bullets have 4 color codes to distinguish different sizes of power. Among them, the black nail bullet means that it has the most power and is suitable for harder construction materials, such as concrete or steel structures. They nail efficiently and securely hold onto these tough surfaces for instant firing and long-term stability. Red nail bullets represent medium power and are suitable for medium-porous materials such as brick walls or wood. Yellow nail rounds are good for older materials, lightweight building materials, such as drywall or veneer. They provide the power of adjustment to ensure instant fixation without damaging these materials. The green nail shooting performance is suitable for less fixed needs, such as drawing or the installation of decorative materials.

Product Parameters

Model Dia X Len Color Power Power Level Style


.25cal 6.3*16mm Black Strongest 6 Single
Red Strong 5
Yellow Medium 4
Green Low 3

Operation guide

1.Strictly forbidden to use your hand to push the nail tube or point the gun barrel at a person under any circumstances.
2.During firing, make sure to firmly and vertically press the nail gun against the working surface. If the trigger is pulled twice and the nails fail to fire, keep the gun in its original shooting position for a few seconds before removing the nail load.
3.Before replacing parts or disconnecting the nail gun, ensure that there are no powder loads inside the shooting gun.

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