Powder Loads S42 .25cal 6.3*10mm Powerful Cartridge for Nailers


The construction industry highly values S42 powder load for its excellent use in different building materials. When used with powder-actuated tools, these powder loads provide a reliable and precise solution for refurbishment projects. Industrial cartridges are made of high-quality elastic materials, ensuring consistent stability and elasticity during operation. The use of electrical loads significantly increases construction efficiency, thereby reducing labor and time costs. There is no denying that the S42 power load and its associated powder-driven tools are widely recognized in the trimming world for their many advantages.

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The construction industry relies heavily on S42 charges, designed for .25 caliber nailing tools. This ammunition is made of high-quality copper, ensuring durability, superior performance, and precise results. There are three types of power loads (single load, strip load and disc load) to suit different application preferences. In addition, red, yellow, green and white color coding indicates different power levels, making it easier for users to determine the load that is best for their specific construction task. Whether on a construction site or a home improvement project, the S42 power load is an indispensable tool in powder powered applications. Its versatility and reliability make it the first choice of professionals and hobbyists alike.

Product Parameters

Model Dia X Len Color Power Power Level Style
S42 .25cal 6.3*10mm Red Strong 6 Single
Yellow Medium 5
Green Low 4
White Lowest 3


The S42 powder loads can be widely used with powder actuated tools in the installation of various external wall insulation layers on concrete, brick masonry, hollow bricks, and mosaic walls, and can also be used in construction, decoration, furniture, packaging, parks, sofas and other industries.

Operation guide

1. Strictly prohibited to use your palm to push the nail tube or point the gun barrel at a person.
2.When firing, the nail gun should be pressed firmly and vertically against the working surface. If the trigger is pulled twice and the bullets do not fire, the gun should be held in the original shooting position for a few seconds before removing the nail load.
3.Before changing parts or disconnecting the nail gun, the gun should not have any powder loads inside.

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