Powder Loads S1JL .27cal 6.8*11mm Power Loads with Strip


The S1JL powder loads is a renovation tool that is used in conjunction with a nail shooter to complete construction work. The S1JL powder load is the power load with a strip, which is the special design of S1 powder loads. Power loads and their matched powder actuated tools are powerful enough to quickly and accurately fasten nails to building materials. The industrial cartridge is manufactured with advanced elastic material to ensure elasticity and stability. The use of nail bullets can greatly improve construction efficiency, reduce manpower and time costs, and is widely favored by the decoration industry.

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The S1JL powder loads is responsible for driving the nail into the building material, while the strip is used to provide spring and stability. S1JL powder loads have several important advantages. First of all, the elastic strip can reduce the impact force generated when the nail is shot, reduce the damage to the surrounding environment, and make the construction safer. Second, the elastic strip prevents the nail from being off-target during use, ensuring that the nail is accurately driven into the building material. The nail bullets with elastic strips are widely used in construction, decoration, carpentry and other fields, and can quickly and efficiently fix various building materials, improve construction efficiency, and reduce manpower and time costs.

Product Parameters

Model Dia X Len Color Power Power Level Style
S1 .27cal 6.8*11mm Black Strongest 6 Strip
Red Strong 5
Yellow Medium 4
Green Low 3
White Lowest 2


1.Fast and efficient.
2.High accuracy.
3.Safe and reliable.
4.Multi-functional application.
5.Save manpower and material resources.

Operation guide

It is strictly prohibited to push the nail tube with the palm of the hand and point the muzzle at the person;
Before replacing parts or disconnecting the nail gun, the gun must not be loaded with nail bullets.
Make sure to start by test-fasting with the lowest power level available on your tool.
If you need more power, gradually increase the power level until you achieve the desired level of fastening.
For more detailed instructions, refer to the operator's manual. Remember to follow all safety guidelines and reminders.
It is important that tool operators are properly trained and qualified according to the requirements of federal law.
Failure to use the tool correctly can have severe consequences, including serious injury or even death to users or bystanders.

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